Global Reach, Local Touch
Air & Ocean Transportation
NNR provides comprehensive transportation services, specialising in Air & Ocean.


3PL (Contract Logistics)
NNR offers complete 3PL solutions to streamline your supply chain.


4PL (Freight Management)
NNR 4PL solutions provide the best solutions by all modes of transport.


Our promise is to deliver excellence through an extensive network of NNR facilities worldwide providing a corporate philosophy with a local approach in each region. Our pragmatic style guarantees quality, consistency and expansion with balance.

NNR has enjoyed organic growth and stability for over 100 years.


Our mission is to ensure our customers, our employees and anyone engaging with NNR experience Peace, Comfort and Enjoyment. Our products are always designed to offer safety and reliability.

NNR is an incredibly people-centric organisation serving over 1 million customers, EVERY DAY.


NNR PowerNET software offers a variety of automated Alerts and extensive Reporting capabilities to provide all the visibility you could need. These are complemented by online Tracking and Inventory control.

Track a Shipment: